Hello everyone, my name is Jason Cooper. I am a professional computer programmer with vast experience, and more than 10 years of experience in coding and programming.

I have prolific skills on Web and desktop application development and have built several such applications and systems for many people as well as corporations. My aim is to supply my clients with the best services to ensure satisfaction.

To achieve client satisfaction, I always ensure that my applications are;

Reliable – I do ensure that I provide my clients with reliable applications that will provide results. I ensure this by using correct algorithms best suited for the task the application is meant for. I also minimize buffer overflows and other logic errors that can cause occasional program failures.

Usable – We all agree that an application can be perfect, but without being user friendly it is of little help. By using a wide range of graphical and textual elements to increase the cohesiveness of user interface, I ensure my applications are user friendly and easy to use.

Efficient – The efficiency of an application is an indispensable factor as long as the matter of quality is in question. I ensure that my applications and programs occupy the minimum space available in terms of memory space to enhance efficiency.

Easy to maintain – I always ensure that my apps can be easily modified to adapt to new environments and improved to fix bugs or security holes. Technology is growing at a very fast rate; a program that cannot be adjusted will become outdated before you realize it.

I do value credit a lot and I am looking for a long term relationship based on credit.

During my free time, I like blogging, listening to music, reading and playing computer games.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to contact me if you have a project to discuss.